The exhibition presented his photos compositions emphasize people simultaneously using new technologies and traditional objects; or shady links to the Chinese Cultural Revolution seen in old traditional garments and old as well as new effigines of their leader Mao Zedong

Location: Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, Mexico City

Date: Inauguration at April 25th 2013



Alon Garty invites you to open your eyes to the pent-up energy and obscure the facets of multidimensional Hong Kong life with it's richness in contrast

Location: Culture Club - G/F; 15 Elgin St. Soho; Central, Hong Kong

Date: Inauguration at July 12th 2012

"The New Generation of Africa"

The exhibition display images from different regions of the West African country Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). With its rich cultural experience, from traditional Senufo masks to the fading heritage of French colonialism, Côte d’Ivoire remains deeply fragmented and fragile state for future generations.

Location: Hotel "Le Châtelain"; Rue du Châtelain 17, Brussels, Belgium

Date: Inauguration at December 7th 2006